Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well now, where have YOU been?

Hmm, yes well I've been very busy!

Its mid-term break and everyday has been action-packed! Amazing how when your children are home you don't get a minute to yourself. Didn't I say that by this time this week I would be gagging for them to go back to school? Well, I'm nearly there!

What's become very apparent to me this week, and this for the first time, is that time flies when you get older - wasn't it supposed to be 'when you're having fun?'. Maybe its both. Anyway the point is that by the time you get everything you need to do done in your day, its time to make dinner and then the day is pretty much on the wind down. I remember being 14 and spending hours, upon hours doing absolutely whatever I wanted and the days were long enough to fit it all in! Now it's a race to get your to-do list done and  then, once exhausted, your faced with making dinner for your hungry lot!

Today is not that much different, although I have to say, I'm looking forward to a good girls night out tonight. It's the kind of night I love....going to a friends house, wine and some good girlie chats.  No loud pubs or clubs for me! Although I do enjoy that occasionally, but right now I'm wrecked and tonight sounds like a very easy and pleasant evening.

The point? The day flies, not to mention the week, and I have neglected my blog as a result. Tut, tut, tut! And once again I have to fly as dinner-making calls!

Time's flying but I am having fun!

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