Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pulling my hair out!

I'm not pulling my hair out metaphorically. No. Today I pulled a grey hair off my head! Okay, it's not the first. But it's not the fifth either. This is a new thing for me and it's freaking me out!

Do I care about the grey? Not at all! Okay, I'm a big fat liar! It bothers me. However what bothers me more is the advent of the day when I start to colour my hair. I'm not afraid of commitment but this commitment is fierce! The dependence on the hair dresser, on the colour mixing right and the financial burden are just more things on my list of things to think about - not to say worry. Last time I had to worry about my roots was when I thought blond highlights would suit me...of course with my natural dark hair it never even occurred to me that that would never work. Incidentally the highlights wasn't to mask any greys - it was to match my Jennifer Aniston hair cut. Remember that fad?

Before that I was 15 and my hair was black...and having roots was part of the getting rid of the black hair. You can't dye it any lighter. But the roots worked. I was alternative, and Robert Smith was a poser compared to me. My roots were something to be proud of! Well guess what?  I'm not 15 anymore!

I have been blessed thus far not to have to worry about grey hair and my new found hairdresser reckons it will be a good while yet before I do - but I can't help wondering how much longer I can pull those hostile greys out before I go beyond the point of kidding myself? And frankly, I don't think I want to know!

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