Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can I be 39 for a while?

So yesterday was a good day...not a big birthday but another birthday - and that was okay with me. I received floods of texts, Facebook messages, phone calls, birthday cards, visitors and presents. I really am loved! 

The last text of the day was not to wish me a happy birthday but to ask me what we are doing for my 40th birthday...'because we need to start planning!' Really? It's my 39 birthday! Can we just leave it at that? Maybe not. Maybe that's what was meant yesterday by my friend who said: 'turning 39 is worse than turning 40'.

All day yesterday I wondered what I could possibly write on day 2 of my blog....and there it was on a plate: I can't just be 39 today....its all about me being 40 in a year's time! So does that mean 40 is a thunder stealer? Does it mean that I can't focus on my last year of being in my thirties and act accordingly? Fascinating!

I haven't replied to that text yet because the answer is....I don't know what we are doing for my 40th. I don't even know what I'm doing next month. And to be honest, I'm really happy with that!

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  1. You are loved..and 40th.? it's ages awasy...I would not waste one single day of 39 thinking about that x