Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes well it was Mother's Day in Ireland on Sunday. Lucky me, I got 586g of fabulously fattening Irish handmade chocolates - by Tuesday, there were none left.

Simply put, although I might be nearly 40, sometimes the adult side of my brain switches off and the childish, no-self-control, you-still-need-to grow-up-but-not-today side of me rears its ugly head.... 

My husband, like most men, makes up his mind about something and pursues it without flinching. I mentioned once that men's peripheral vision is limited....and I believe it's to their benefit. They don't get side tracked. Women on the other hand, well everything is a distraction. How I would love to be able to say:' Look! A fabulous box of chocolates, lucky me! I'll have one a day as a treat!'. Uh, yeah, right! Instead, the monologue went more like this: 'Crap! I'm trying to be good. Okay, I'll have a good day tomorrow. After all it's mothers day...' Meanwhile for the rest of the day, I can't stop thinking of the box of chocolates and how I'm going to manage? 

Day 2 of the uninvited guest that is the box of deliciously sinful chocolates is still there. Solution? Finish them, finish them all, and start tomorrow...And so I do. Was it a solution? No! Do I feel better now that thy are gone? Kind of, but I also feel guilty for: 

1) having no self control whatsoever and,
2) eating all the chocolates (they were divine by the way)

The point I'm trying to make is that at 39, 40 and I'm even sure at 50 years old, the struggle to do what we know is best for us continues....

My maternal grand-mother died when I was 16. My grand-father is still alive today and has had two companions since her passing - they are both gone now and he is still here at 91 years of age - Ruth was his second companion and she had a motto: 'I'm in my eighties and I have desert first, then dinner....' Wise woman! I promise to adopt that way of life when I get to that age, but in the meantime, like most women my age, I'm obsessed with my weight and I beat myself up over a box of  chocolates. Sad but true. Being 39 and still harbouring self control issues doesn't say much about me except that I have along way to go. When will I grow up? Looks like I still have a hell of a lot to learn.....Am I alone?

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