Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This blogging thing....

Well? How am I doing as a blogger? So far the feedback has been good but I have to say, I'm not blogging as often as I feel I should! Maybe I could add it to the list of things to beat myself up about? Maybe I could stuff a cream cake in my mouth to numb the guilt? Maybe I could count this as a failure? Or maybe, just maybe, I can be kind to myself and say: 'You know what? Well done you for doing it at all!' I mean what's the point in blogging something for the sake of it? What's the point in looking for quantity when all anyone wants is quality?' 

Ah the wisdom we find as we get older....That's the good part isn't it?

The not so good part is waking up in the morning with creases in your face that take hours to fade...Hmmm now where's that collagen I used to have? I'm sure I left it here somewhere! Or the panic when your €40 concealer is just about running out. Get some quick! Who wants to see my blotchy skin?

Are we beginning to see a correlation here? I am! As I type this I have I just had the realisation that the harder the maintenance you have on the outside, the easier things become on the inside. 

What a revelation! I love it! Bring on those wrinkles, dark circles and gray hair I say! 

Okay, uh, maybe not just yet though....

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