Sunday, April 17, 2011

Carpe Diem

I have a had a lovely lazy Sunday with my fabulous children and fantastic husband. We did nothing different to any other Sunday except it felt different. Sunday lunch, laundry, gardening and a leisurely coffee with a dear friend in the local coffee shop with my youngest who always enjoys her babyccino. All simple but lovely things to fill my day.... and what a difference a day makes! 

I sit here with my glass of wine and I stare at the blank screen ahead of me and it's a metaphor for how I feel today. A lot better than yesterday for sure! The possibilities are endless, the world is open and I'm ready to take it all on...whatever it may be.

Nothing to beat myself up about: no weight issues, motherly guilt or anything else we women insist on putting ourselves down about. I take a deep breathe, I take this moment to enjoy this feeling and I really try to hold on to it going forward. Today I become a little more of myself and I'm quite happy to do so. This journey to 40 really feels like a journey towards me. Bon voyage Ms 39 Candles!

I'm feeling good today, I hope you are too!

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