Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are not 20 anymore!

Well of all people to remind me I am not 20 anymore! It was in fact the person I least suspected would do it! It was me!!!  Yes, there I was on Sunday morning, full of energy and motivation to start training for a 5k run in April. This was it. No more excuses. I was putting on my €110 running shoes on and I was going for it! The sun was shinning and there was no stopping me! 

But first some motherly duties. My 6 year old needed a shower. No problem. Get her sorted and out the door I go. When reaching for the shampoo I felt a little twinge in my lower back. Did I pull a muscle? Maybe. I was kind of in denial and ignored what my body was saying to me. 'Wimp! Get out there and run', my head said.

It was a fantastic run! I was delighted with how far I got before stopping to walk and starting again. What a great way to start training, I was winning! 

Fast forward 3 hours later....there I was, flat on my back on the floor of my sitting room, unable to stand up straight.  It's three days later and I'm still in pain. I don't know when my back will allow me to resume my training but in the meantime I will accept this as a lesson learned. I am not 20 anymore and my body will not let me forget it. 

Yeah, thanks very much!


  1. I also was out in the park that day and enjoyed my"fast" walk...not long til you will be running again I', sure xx