Monday, March 7, 2011

Bouncing back

Yeah....there it is again! Not bouncing back as quickly as I used to. Eight days on and my back is still at me. I am quickly finding out that most people have back problems, but I'm only finding it out when  I complain about mine. I'm hearing stories of triple cocktail medication, injections in your back, slipped discs, back surgery and some people are permanently on morphine for the pain. WOW! I'm not as bad as them, and thank God for that! It's interesting that the closer in age they are to me or if they are older than me, they're back problem shows a direct correlation with their age, ie: it becomes more and more common. Interesting...

So my back is doing pretty much the same as its peers. Hmm....funny how no one says 'Nearly 40? Take care of your back because reaching for shampoo can put you out of action for over a week!' Now there is some sound advice. Its amazing what we take for granted and how these trip ups make us more appreciative of our bodies, how they carry us and keep us going.... It's interesting that, when we are in our best form as teenagers or in our twenties, we have no concept of how lucky we really are and instead spend the whole time disliking what we see. Sad really.

For now though, I will take it as it comes and remain positive that this is temporary and that it will pass. 
In the meantime: WATCH YOUR BACK - literally!

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