Sunday, March 20, 2011

So uncool.....

And when did that happen? When did I become so uncool? I'll tell you when. Tonight. Tonight  I was the parent dropping her teenage daughter off at a local boys school for 'Battle of the Bands'. I collected her friend first and upon dropping them off, it was fairly obvious that I was to leave immediately with no goodbyes or any other civilised formalities.  I then drove off thinking 'I'd love to be going to something like that'....but the truth was that if I did, I'd be:

1) killed by my daughter 
2) sticking out like a soar thumb. 

Instead I had to go home and wait for my darling daughter to come home and tell me all about it. That conversation will consist of something along these lines:

'Did you have a good time?'
'Were the bands any good?'
'Did you have fun?'
'Yeah. I'm going up to my room now....'

And voilĂ ! Not only can I not go to these things but I'm not even cool enough to be told about them....Sigh.

Did I tell you that today I told someone that I was 38? And I wasn't trying to hide my age? I had just 
forgotten what age I was. Fortunately I had my trusty husband around to set the record straight. How does that happen?? How does one forget how old they are? Yes well, it must be a sign of my age....which is clearly NOT 38. Thanks Hon!

So other than that, my back is better but now I have a cold and I'm so tired. I remember when having cold was something you hid from your parents so that you could get out of the house and carry on with your plans. Now its something that slows me down so much that all I want to do is stay horizontal for the day. Which by the way....yesterday, after dropping my youngest to a birthday party and while my eldest was still at a sleepover, I bought a paper, got back into my pj's and read the paper in bed.....the whole paper!! With no interruptions! Plus I got to listen to REM's new album playing in the background and I could hear every bit of it! No interruptions; no 'Moooom, where are my pencils? Mooom is my t-shirt dry yet? Mooom, can I have some money?'

Sweet....a glimpse into the future. I love my kids and I love my life, but that rare moment was bliss. Something I hadn't done in years! I definitely have something to look forward to while getting older. And that makes my journey to 40 a lot less painful!

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