Thursday, July 21, 2011


Ok, so there's hasn't been that much going on over the last few weeks. Life has kind of stood still since puppy has come along. I'm happy to say that we've made the necessary progress to get on with our normal everyday life, except this normal now involves a pooper scooper! This new normal has given me a new perspective on life and the joy of a having a dog that I never fully understood until this little creature came along.

So now that we are ok to get on with everyday life, it's the final Harry Potter movie for my 14 year old daughter, her friend and I tonight. This, even for this 39 year old, is HUGE! Mr. Potter and the gang have been part of our lives since my eldest was 6. My husband and I read the books with her, saw the movies in the cinema and bought all the movies at Christmas as they came out on DVD. They became a Christmas tradition in our house, and will probably always be. The final movie is the end of an era. Seems like a theme this week....

In Ireland we are behind on American television. Over the last few days, the last few Oprah's were aired on Irish television and this marks the end of an era for me. In 1986, when Oprah started, I was 14. Perfect age to be interested in watching her show. From then on, I never let go and I definitely grew up with her. What a privilege. She was there everyday like the mother I didn't have as a teenager and a growing woman. It may well be the end of an era but, in true Oprah style, I choose to view it as a new beginning. I've grown up, I've sorted through most of my issues and I have the skills to do it on my own. Thanks Oprah!

No sadness, just anticipation. If life can give us Oprah and JK Rowling and if we, as a people, strive to continuously improve, than I am happy to wait for whatever new marvels lay ahead. In the meantime, I stand still in this moment.


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