Sunday, August 14, 2011

You can't teach an old dog new tricks....or can you?

Yes, yes, yes, I'm still here! Not much going on in my outside world but on the inside it's been quite incredible. A few years back, the big craze was Eckart Tolle's book A New Earth, which taught us all to let go of the ego and live in the moment. Forget the past and not to focus too much on the future. Live in the now. It was something I thought was brilliant but never really knew how to apply it in my own life. You see my mind is constantly on the go and it is always very difficult to stay focussed on what is going on in the immediate present. Whether it be the sun shining, the trees swaying or the sound of a bus flying by. Very easy to read about and understand but applying it was never very easy, and to be honest very hard work. However recently I have seen a true example of someone being in the now and doing it with such ease and grace. Yes, my little four legged friend has taught me a lot. 

-'What???' I hear you say. 'Have you lost the plot?' 
-'Well, maybe....'

What I've observed is that my dog gets excited about the smallest things. Whether it be a plane flying overhead, someone walking through the door or the simplicity of someone noticing him. Whatever it may be, his tail wags faster than the speed of light and it is a delight to see. 

Puppies can get into trouble and discipline is necessary to have them socialised. Whether it be a reprimand for biting or for sneaking off with a paper receipt that he believes would be great to eat; it's important to correct him and show him right from wrong. Does he hold it against you? Nope. Does he see you coming and think 'Oh here's that woman who told me off for biting last night! What a bitch!' Nope. He is loyal, he is forgiving, he is joy in the now and he is an example to us all. 

I heard someone say once that holding grudges, living in the past or being forever angry with someone is like drinking poison and hoping that the person you are angry with gets poisoned. They don't. They move on, they find happiness and you end up in this dark and lonely head space.  Doesn't really make any sense now, does it? Bit too deep for a Sunday afternoon? Fair enough. The point is that my dog has taught me to live in the now and enjoy every minute of it because before you know it, the moment will it good or bad.

Who knew that a dog was going to teach this 39 year old something new and profound? Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks....

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