Friday, June 3, 2011

So much to look forward to!

We have so many fabulous things going on that I can't stay focused! 

Tomorrow we are going to visit a litter of dogs and our girls are going to pick one! Yep, we're getting a dog. The pups are four weeks old which means we will have him in four weeks time! This is such an exciting time for my kids and I have to say, for me too. My husband on the other hand is keeping his thoughts to himself...but we all know he's going to love the dog just as much as we will! I never thought we would see the day where we would get a dog! Only three months ago I would have laughed at anyone suggesting that I would ever have one (another example of never say never!).

But before we even get our new addition to the family, we are going to Greece on holiday. Fabulously perfect timing! My tonsil-free 6 year old is fully recovered and is in the clear to travel and, as life always manages,  it slots in with perfect timing - just before we get our little pet. Not to mention that we all need a holiday as it's been an eventful and drama filled school year. I'm happy to say that I've had enough of it and lets just get it over with already! Anyone remember what I say to drama? Well here's a reminder: big fat NO!

In advance of completely flushing the school year, I still have a few duties to fulfill as part of my eldest's school's Parents Association and  I also have duties with my youngest school tour next week. Yes, I'm the Mom going on the school tour, and my daughter is delighted that I am going! I'm going to take advantage of that, because there will come a time where there will be no way in hell that she'll want me anywhere near her school, let alone on her school tour!

At the end of all these events, the summer holidays will start for my youngest (my eldest got hers yesterday) and the very next day we go get our pup. Perfect timing to keep the girls busy during their time off. Life is great that way. It manages to fall into place like pieces of a puzzle.

So who cares about being 39? Well I guess a lot of people, but I don't. The reason? My life is busy and full and I frankly don't have time to sweat the small stuff! When I get to 50, it won't be as busy and I'd say I'll miss all of this and so I embrace it all!

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