Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love the way life works....

So, do any of you ever say 'that couldn't have worked out any better'? Does it amaze you every time? For me the older the get (did I mention I'm 39?) the more I'm in awe of how life works. And it really does 'work'.

Simple thing: Neighbour has a gardener in.  Neighbour tells gardener to take down wall creepers as a favour to us. Outcome? We are left with piles and piles of waste and nowhere to dispose of it. Bright idea! Lets have a neigbourhood cleanup on Saturday and then we can dispose of it with the rest of the neighbourhood rubbish, which the council will gladly take away. Off to one of the residents association officers I go. Suggest it to her and she says: 'Did you check your mailbox? A leaflet saying that we're having a cleanup on Saturday was passed around 10 minutes ago'. Coincidence? Ask and you shall receive? Whatever it may be, my gardening gloves are at the ready and I'm thrilled with how all that worked out!

So that's my gardening mess sorted, but it sorted out more than that. I have another neighbour who has children around the same age as my youngest. She has been very standoffish for years and I have racked my brains trying to figure out what we could have possibly done to be given such a cold shoulder. As it happens, her husband organised Saturday's cleanup. I bumped into her this morning while taking our children to school and I grabbed the opportunity to tell her the 'funny story' about organising the cleanup. We ended up chatting about loads of things all the way to school and said we'd carry on our conversation on Saturday. Years of weirdness gone, all as the result of my next door neighbour 'gifting' us her gardener!

The point is that this sort of thing happens all the time. It's weird, it's great, it's unexplainable and I love it. The more you take note of it happening, the more it occurs. So watch out for your next coincidence or positive opportunity and marvel in. Appreciate it. The more you do appreciate it, the more it will work for you. I really do believe that. When faced with positive opportunities, grab them and trust that life will sort the rest out.

I really do love the way life works, not to mention life itself. Hope you do too!

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