Sunday, June 19, 2011

Poof - Gone in a puff of smoke!

Holidays are great. They make you live a different life for a short period of time. You get away from it all and you dream bigger than you do when stuck in the daily slog of your routine. No cooking, no cleaning, no timetable and nothing to worry about except ensuring that you have enough sun protection on and that you don't miss breakfast in the morning. Pure bliss.

Then it's over in what seems to be more and more like a flash. Time doesn't slow down as much as it used to and a week is nothing in the ocean that is my 39 years of life. In fact, by the time I got back and faced the washing and the terrible Irish weather, I nearly wondered was it worth it at all? The answer to that is of course absolutely YES!

It's great having something to look forward to and even better when you finally get it. But isn't that the best part of life? There's always something around the corner waiting for you to enjoy, be it a holiday, a new puppy (only 4 weeks until he arrives), a good catch up with a friend, a movie, or just an evening in with your hubby accompanied by a good bottle of wine.

No sense on focusing on what you are dreading, like your holiday ending, or even Monday mornings. Nothing's permanent  and that is the beauty of living your life. There's always something around the corner to bring you joy. Enjoy the moment while you can because before you know it...


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