Thursday, May 26, 2011

Start spreading the news....

So my daughter is on day 9 post-op tonsillectomy and she has had a fairly rough ride. She developed an infection which led to her taking antibiotics, she then developed sores in her mouth which prevented her from eating, and THEN got a stomach bug. Needless to say she has been more than fed up and my heart has been breaking for her everyday. The last week has consisted of her lying miserably on the couch and me tending to her every need. Oh, and if that makes me sound great, well don't get too excited, I'm not. I did the best I could within my non-perfect human abilities. There have been moments where I wanted to pull my hair out, where I wanted to sit on the floor and cry and other moments where my child managed to eat a quarter of a piece of toast, and all I wanted to do was dance with pure joy because of her success. It's been tough, but the good news is that today she is better, better than she has been in 10 days. I think my fabulously brave little girl  has finally turned the corner. Pure joy, what a gorgeous feeling!

I've had about 5 hours out of my house in the last week, and when I have been out, it was simply to fulfill obligations that were in no way for enjoyment purposes - bar a quick cup of coffee with my coffee buddy in the middle of it all; thanks my friend! Whatever you do though, don't get me wrong, I couldn't have been anywhere else and I wouldn't have wanted to be either!

So I sit here, mid morning, in my pyjamas - my fashion statement of the week - wanting to impart some deep revelation I've had or some meaningful lesson I've learned. The best I can come up with is this: sometimes life stops you in your tracks and you have to do the best you can without completely losing the plot. Your joys come from the smallest things, like a bite out of a piece of toast and your prayers become more frequent than they have been in the longest of times.

Finally, today is a good day. My daughter is getting better and, as I type this, she is singing in the background  for the first time since this ordeal began! Pure bliss for my ears! Tonight I am going out for some well deserved R&R with a very good friend of mine. Wine and a chat. Nothing too exciting. Just a few drinks in our local pub. For me, it will be like getting off a plane from the depths of Africa and stepping into the always exciting New York City! 

'Start spreading the news....'

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