Thursday, May 19, 2011

My World is Fantastic!

People can be so kind. It seems like an obvious statement to make but it's very easy to become cynical as you go though your daily life. Whether it be someone cutting you off in traffic, banging their trolley into yours in the supermarket without an apology or even the horrific stories you read in the newspapers. It all contributes to your ability to become cynical and your acceptance that we do live in a sad world. Not very upbeat on my part, eh? Well, it's realistic...

My outlook on 'reality' changed this week. My 6 year old had her tonsils out 2 days ago. 'And?' I hear you say 'What's the big deal? Thousands of people get their tonsils out every day. They've survived and they're not traumatised!' The fact is, it was and is a big deal for us! My expectation was that we were the only ones who saw it that way. Boy was I wrong! We have been my bombarded with generosity, good wishes, unbelievable consideration and kindness. 

Firstly the nurses were incredible! They were thoughtful and they really saw my child. To me, in the midst of everything going on in this country and the impact it's had on them, those nurses are true heroes! My daughter reckons only the best nurses get to work with children. I'd say she could be right! Okay, but a lot of you would say it's their job and for most of them, their vocation. Granted, but I would argue that they did go the extra mile.

Secondly, I'm beginning to wonder if my daughter got her tonsils out or is it Christmas? The amount of beautiful gifts is unreal! Books, dolls, puzzles, games, pen sets, toiletries, etc. Her friend made her a gorgeous 'get well soon' card and her whole class individually signed a card for her too! Her friends got their mothers to send her text messages on the day of the surgery, and I would say I've gone way over my monthly text allowance by simply replying to all the texts! Not to mention the ones from friends and family. When someone sends you a text and says they've been thinking of you and your daughter all day, it means a lot. Oh and lets not forget the well wishers around the world who managed to communicate with us via Facebook....even if it was them simply clicking the Like button when we updated our status with news of the surgery.

Finally, we are home now but the generosity and kindness continues. A friend of mine made a homemade three flavoured tiered jelly for our little patient. Another came to my door bearing a very strong barista coffee when I needed it the most. My daughter's pain relief needs in the middle of the night and the help she needs to get back to sleep require a lot of time and interrupted sleep; but as I said to a friend this morning, I'm happy to do it and wouldn't have it any other way.

We are surrounded by wonderful people in our community, our family and our friends The world we live in is a great one! So never mind the guy who cuts you off in traffic or the people who haven't a kind word for you. Who would want them anyway? Focus on the good in your life and keep the bad were it belongs: at arms length with no focus or wasted energy whatsoever. 

My world is fantastic and let that be a lesson to me....

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