Monday, October 10, 2011

Live as you mean to go on.....

I know, I know, it's been ages! I kind of lost my way, or I've kind of been pulled away! Life just gets busier and busier and it's been an adjustment having the girls back in school and, more specifically, having my eldest in a new school. With her change, came a brand new routine and that can be wearing; especially when you are in the final throws of your thirties!

I am well on my way and there's no turning back. In four months, my thirties will be a thing of the past. I'm sure all you under forties are saying 'oh no, that's awful', but I'm also pretty sure that those of you that are on the other side of forty are saying 'good riddance'! Why am I so sure? Simply because I'm beginning to believe it too! Bye bye trying to make everything perfect, because nothing is. Bye bye saying YES to everyone, because NO feels so much better. Bye bye worrying about what people think, because they are no better than me, or worse - for the most part anyway. And of course bye bye to drama - never liked you anyway. Big sigh - and it feels great!

With only four months to go to the inevitable forty, I decided to buy my dress for my birthday party, or at least look for one. I walked into a very expensive and exclusive shop, tried on two dresses and bought the second one I tried on! This is not like me. I am normally a bargain hunter, a high street shopper and I almost never buy anything full price, but today I did, and it felt great! Not only did I get the dress but I also got the shoes too....and may I say, they are simply fabulous! So, time to lose that stone I've put on and make sure I look nothing like my age on the day of my fortieth birthday! 

Live as you mean to go on. I finally am!

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