Sunday, January 22, 2012

So what's new?

It might be a bit late to wish you a Happy New Year, but not too late to wonder if it has been happy? This year, so far has been a very happy one for me. Instead of the self loathing that comes with having over stuffed yourself over the holidays or the temporary damage you might have done to your liver though the cover consuption of gorgeous wines, my New Year was about getting down to business.

The infamous dress is hanging in my wardrobe and fits very nicely. Thank God! It looks even better on now, than it did the day I bought it. I started my detox on the 3rd of January and have made great progress. The fat jeans I bought all those months ago are loose, I'm down a notch on my belt and I haven't had an ounce of alcohol in three weeks,which means I'm sleeping well and my skin is benefiting. 

The venue is booked, the invitations are written and are ready to be sent out, which means there will be a party and I can't wait. It seems as though the dreaded 40 has turned into 'it can't come soon enough'. I guess I have a lot to look forward to, as all those who surround me are making sure that I enjoy every minute of it and it feels great!

A lot of  you have asked what I will do when my blog has run it's course. Well watch this space! I have been approached to Blog / Agony Aunt on a upcoming website for women. I know that you will all love the site and I hope that you will follow me over to it. Before that though, I will see you all back here on Valentine's Day 2012 the day of my 40th birthday!

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